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Dr. Gail Galligan

Dr. Gail Galligan

A little about me....I've always been the girl that could breath on food and gain weight; nothing worked for me.  It was always a struggle to lose weight and keep it off. Never was it a calories in/calories out issue for me.  I even tried HCG just to have the weight I'd lost come right back on! A good friend, Dr. Pamela Hahn introduced me to Yoli and my knee pain was the first thing to go. The bloated and puffy stomach was the next to go and I noticed how quickly my face thinned out.  I had more energy, much like it was in high school, for the first time in over 30 years! I am on the last diet program I will ever be on! Because this works!
Not only does Yoli work, it's easy!!! I'm eating foods that I love and not feeling guilty for eating BACON, GUAC or healthy fats.  
Yoli has also given me confidence to enjoy food again and know I am not tossing away my hard work and I can still reach my goals. I LOVE IT! If you choose to join me on your journey with Yoli I will gladly be your coach and mentor; Yoli has a great community of people to help you be sucessful!!

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